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What are you waiting for?!
Pope John Paul II

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¿How do you imagine this meeting?

A dream. An adventure. An encounter. These are the three words that our MTA gives us when we think about the year 2002. We are already imagining a major meeting of boys youth: you, me, and lots of other youth. First in Milwaukee, USA, and then in Toronto, Canada. How crazy is that? But it's not for us!

The youth that were at Schoenstatt in August of this year had the opportunity to make real a dream of being in the birthplace of our Movement. We had the opportunity to get inside the adventure of our history and the posibilities for the future. We lived the joy and profoundness of a true meeting of the Schoenstatt youth. Then, bearing the mission for which we had once again decided on in the original Shrine, we made a pilgrimage to Rome, the eternal city, where we shared the life that Christ gave us with other youth and we found ourselves with our Holy Father, the Pope.

That man, full of inner joy and enthusiasm for the future, received us, welcomed us, and shared with us his life and his secrets, and invited us back. He told us: «Before concluding this great and beautiful assembly, I wish to announce that the next world youth encounter will be in Toronto, Canada in the summer (July) of 2002». We are not far from that. We've made this idea our own. It's ours! Before our eyes opened the possibility of realizing another dream, of living another adventure, of experiencing the joy of another encounter. We already have our sights set on the next World Youth Day. We want to get together there in July of 2002.

Milwaukee/Toronto 2002

Toronto makes us think of nearby Milwaukee. In North America we remember another event in our history: the arrival of Father Kentenich in exile after his controversial letter of May 31. In 2002, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this event, a hard time for those in Schoenstatt, albeit full of life. This is felt in Milwaukee. The Exile Shrine is a source of sanctity for those who still dream of being holy. This country is an adventure and a challenge for all the youth who keep in their heart the image of our MTA. Those who knew Father Kentenich are afire by his mission. They experienced the greatness of meeting someone who loved them unconditionally. Plus, at least three saints from our Schoenstatt family walked these grounds.

The idea of a meeting of Schoenstatt boys youth in Milwaukee-Toronto 2002 has been determined. Now it depends on each individual! We have to motivate our groups and branches, save money, get excited, talk with our advisors. The work is now yours! Blessings from the Shrine and we'll see you in North America!